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Charlie is featured

Charlie is featured


Here are a few comments about the firm’s skill as environmental lawyers and track record of reducing pollution and chemical exposure.

"When Chevron’s lawyers came after ELAW demanding documents and depositions, we turned to Charlie and his team. Charlie’s firm stood up for ELAW and protected us from harassment. The firm was committed to securing a just result, and we were thrilled to have Charlie’s firm representing us. Thanks to everyone at the Law Offices of Charlie Tebbutt!" - Bern Johnson, Executive Director, Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide.

"The headline from EPA's news release (December 22, 2009) "EPA Seeks to Disclose Pesticide Inert Ingredients" is a stunning turnaround for an agency which has insisted for decades that this information is confidential. Charlie Tebbutt's decade-long work has made this reversal happen. All of us who have worked to end the secrecy about these unidentified and untested chemicals are grateful for his perseverance, his vision, and his legal skills."  - Caroline Cox, Research Director, Center for Environmental Health and former Staff Scientist, Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides.

"I’ve worked with Charlie for over 15 years, and he’s clearly one of the top environmental lawyers in the country. He knows the law, he’s creative in applying it, and he makes sure his clients get the remedies they need to address their concerns." - Bob Shavelson, Executive Director, Cook Inletkeeper.

"Charlie has been a great advocate for Oregon Wild, helping us enforce the Clean Water Act and keep toxics out of our rivers and streams. Charlie can be both a tough negotiator and a gentle persuader according to the circumstances. When you need an experienced, steady-handed attorney who will stick with you through thick and thin, you can't do better than Mr. Charles Tebbutt." - Doug Heiken, Conservation and Restoration Coordinator, Oregon Wild.

"Charlie Tebbutt represented our community in a clean water, clean air, community right to know case involving Montana's largest air polluter, the Stone Container pulp mill. We fought to rein in the multinational corporate polluter which was breaking environmental laws in Montana while the government looked the other way. Prior to our citizen complaint, neither the U.S. EPA nor the Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality had taken any action against Stone Container. Charlie expertly navigated negotiations with a diverse coalition of citizens leading to a comprehensive settlement with Stone Container, including the Clean Air Act joint enforcement action with EPA. While the pulp mill recently shut its doors, Charlie's expert legal help forced Stone Container to cleanup its pollution. If you are looking for a legal advocate with excellent skills and a sense of humor I highly recommend Charlie Tebbutt." - Darrell Geist, former Executive Director, Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers, former President Montana CHEER.

"Charlie represented Environmental Justice Action Group and the United Steelworkers of America in a Clean Air Act lawsuit against Oregon Steel Mills a few years ago. He was always on top of things, helping us to better understand the law and helping us strategize our best moves. While he always gave us advice, he knew when to step out of the conversations and let the organizers do their jobs. We learned a lot from him and he fought with us to get to what the community thought was important. It was a significant victory for our organization. Up until that point I never really understood the role a great lawyer could make for Environmental Justice. Thanks Charlie!" - Jeri Sundvall-Williams, former Executive Director, Environmental Justice Action Group.


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